Disappointing People

Almost everything I have posted on this blog so far has been positive and happy.  I am generally a positive and happy person.  But sometimes a little thought worms its way into my head and stays there until I just get it out so that is what this post is going to be!  Maybe I’ll scare some of you off by not being all sunshine and sweetness today but I hope that more of you will identify with what I am writing.

I have decided I have reached the point in my life where I just don’t need any more disappointing people around me.  I’m cutting them out.  They are of no use except to make me feel crappy. 

There’s one particular person… maybe you have one in your life too… who has a tendency to think it’s ok to pop in and out of my life.  This person uses the word “friend” but all my other friends don’t pull those sort of punches. 

Here’s what I consider a friend (in relation to this particular offender):

- A real friend stays in my life.  You experience the fun AND the hardships that go along with daily living and you don’t just take off and disappear for years at a time and then expect me to welcome you back to my life like no time has passed.

- A real friend is OPEN about their life.  Don’t call yourself a friend and then make it completely one-sided.  So what you want from me is all the info about MY life, but you are completely unwilling to share yours?  Um, no.

- A real friend owns up to their faults and the wrongs they’ve done.  Don’t gloss over major issues.  Don’t feed me a lame “sorry about that” and think that’s going to cover it. 

- A real friend is honest.  Please don’t lie to me about how you just happened to stumble upon me and decided to contact me.  I’m not stupid.  The only thing lies do is draw lines in the sand… lines that divide “friend” and “not a friend”. 

So here’s a shout out…. because I know you will read this and not admit it: It’s my turn.  I’m done.  I miss you.  I will always love you.  But I can’t play your games anymore.  If there ever comes a time when you feel like you can be my friend (see rules above) then you know how to find me.  But don’t bother until then.  I’m just not interested in that kind of friendship.  You’ve simply disappointed me one too many times. 

And that’s my deal today. 

Ahhhhh, that feels better!!!

Now back to our regularly scheduled puppies and rainbows.  Smile


Chrissy said...

{{hugs}} And I am totally getting what you've said. You are 100% correct. Friendships are 2-way streets. You have every right to say what you feel and to be hurt by whoever is acting like this. There's no room in my life for "debbie downers" or selfish people either. I hope you feel better and you have a happy day. Much love to you.

Diana Joy said...

Life is not all sunshine and our personal blogs don't have to be also. I'm a senior now and have cut a few fake friends out of my life....

LyndaKay said...

Sunshine & sweetness everyday can get boring. Old ladies like I am appreciate "real". You're one of my favorite bloggers and scrapbook acquaintances because of the way you write about and share your crafts and talents. Hope your post helped you; it didn't disappoint.