A Day in Pictures


ball pit



afternoon nap

post nap



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Cheri said...

minus the movies, it is a day in the life of your toddler. A shot with grandma and you are all set for a scrapbook page from his perspective!

ScrapGoo said...

True Cheri, lol! But a day in the life of my toddler IS a day in my life! Such is the glamour of staying at home.

Kimberly said...

I wish I did this a little more, take photos of my children's days, which is my day too as a mama ... Years from now, when they are all grown up, it will be such a treat to look back at little bits of time and how they were spent. Thanks for sharing

Kimberlee said...

Cranky at Target? How is that possible? LOL. What a cutie. Nice documentation of your day.

Anonymous said...

Busy day - jealous of the SuperTarget!

lime said...

What a sweet kid :D Loved the photos.

Rebekah said...

Sounds like a fun day out and about. Delicious looking dinner!