Hey, cool!

The fabulous Angela gave me the Fabby Blog Award and apparently I need to list my top five addictions and the five peeps I want to award so here we go:

Top Five Current Addictions:
1. Cupcakes (duh)
2. magazines
3. breakfast cereal
4. American Crafts Thickers
5. Animal Crossing

And the Fabby Blog Award goes to...
1. Shanns
2. Sus
3. Tristann
4. Amy
5. Tracy

I don't do resolutions...

It is a new year and Ryan and I rang it in verrrrrrry quietly. We were hit with more snow and decided to stay in. I had read that the manner in which you ring in the new year is symbolic of how the year will go and by that logic we will be having an uneventful 2009... fine by me!

I don't really DO resolutions... I prefer to think that any day is a good day to decide to change something and the hype of January first is more of a social peer pressure than anything else. That being said, I go have some goals for the year. One should always have goals!

One of those goals is to spend more time scrapping and less time putzing around with my scrap supplies. :-) So here we are with evidence of my dedication to that goal: