Blame it on the Boogie

Not THAT kind of a boogie!  Although, with a sixteen month old that could have been entirely possible. 

I’ve sort of been into old school embroidery lately.  But of course this is me we’re talking about and because I am pretty much the very definition of “cool” I like to put a new school spin on yer grandma’s crafts. Winking smile

Behold Owen’s new under $2 t-shirt,  Robo Boogie:
Boogie Shirt

I got the embroidery pattern from the awesome site  Urban Threads and the t-shirt was in the clearance pile at Old Navy for a whopping $1.73.  How’s THAT for thrifty and one of a kind? 

Of course Owen was in no mood to stand still (I will personally send all of you a memo if he is ever in that mood) but here are a few shots of him modeling it.  It’s hard to freeze frame a whirling toddler!



And this one only because I CAN NOT RESIST those chins and teeth!



Sarah said...

OMGosh- that is SO cute! I have a new love for great boy clothes. ;)

LyndaKay said...

Cute!....and so is the shirt. Love the stitching.

Mandi said...

Sooooooooooooooo super cute!!!