Owen’s first art project

Yeah, I know, it is super cheesy!!

But Daddy needed something to display at work and I was just *dying* to put messy paint all over my active toddler’s feet.  Smile with tongue out  It took a couple of tries to get a clear print of his foot even though I had strapped him into his high chair. Grabbing the paper was entirely too amusing, apparently.  Owen had a little help from Mama with the antlers and… well, everything else.  But Daddy was really touched and thought Owen’s first art project was pretty special.  <3

Owen's XmasArt


Megan A. said...

omg that is SO cute!

I almost NEVER post comments to any blog, but I had to open yours and post, that is just how cute that is!

LyndaKay said...

Did he giggle with the paint on his feet? This is adorable and clever. (not cheesy at all)

Sarah said...

Eeeps! Too cute!
Quinn made a calendar with her foot as an angel at preschool. I should send you some photos and you can paint him up each month of the year! lol!

ScrapGoo said...

Lynda, he was totally giggling and wiggling when I painted his feet. I guess he's ticklish!

Sarah, that would be hilarious!! Though I am not sure I want to tackle that much foot painting... :-P

Thanks for the comments you guys!

lettrebleue said...

Bonne idée pour une carte adorable.