I still love snow days

Back in the day there was nothing, NOTHING, like waking up to a snow day.  I remember that somehow the magic of bad weather made me capable of waking up early to check the school closings when normally I could sleep through a herd of elephants in my room.  And you wait… and wait… to see *your* school scroll across the bottom of the screen and finally you see it and kick in excitement and burrow back into the warmth of your blankets to blissfully sleep the morning away.  Ahhhh.

In elementary school we would pretty much hit the hills for sledding all day, with breaks for hot cocoa, thawing our fingers and toes, and drying our mittens and boots by the fire.  Somehow the pain of snow and ice chilling us to the bone didn’t matter… because it was a *snow day*!!

Late, in high school, my best friend and I pretty much used these days as excuses to do absolutely nothing.  Who didn’t!?  We would call each other and watch cooking shows all day, commenting on the food and chefs.  Well, we were a  little weird like that. 

Although I stay at home with my munchkin now, and I don’t get quite the same joy from waking up to see ALL that snow, I still get giddy on snow days.  My husband works from home, I get to bake, and the silence of more than twelve inches of snow is wonderfully peaceful. 

Today, we’re up to 17” already!  Owen is feeling a little cabin fever but Ryan is heading out to dig out the cars (yay 4WD!) so maybe we can brave the roads later… that is, if anything is open!

Meanwhile… Lemon Poppyseed Streusel Muffins were in order:


And here’s what we’re lookin’ at:




Stay warm, everyone!


Anonymous said...

So, I grew up in a small desert town in SoCal and it snowed one day in the 18 years I lived there. I CHERISH every snow day I encounter...wonderment!

LyndaKay said...

What did the little guy think of all that snow? I still woke up early to see if our town had canceled school, and I don't have any kids in school anymore! I was just happy for the kids in the neighborhood knowing they were thrilled with a snow day like my boys used to be.

ScrapGoo said...

Lynda, he tipped over in his little sled during the last storm and his hand dipped into the snow... NOT happy! I think he was just very surprised at how cold it was. He DOES love looking out the windows and doors at it!

MimaScraps said...

I just can't imagine what life with snow must be like--even though I keep reading about the trials and beauty. Your photos are gorgeous.

Angela J. Prieto said...

Lemon poppy seed muffins are my all time favorite!! And just so you know.... you can keep your snow. ;)