Deck the Halls: Mini Banner with Twine Pom Poms

Wow, I can’t believe it has been an entire week since I have updated here!  Unfortunately the entire house has come in contact with The Plague and we’ve been feeling mighty awful.  I still managed to put together a little something for this week’s Deck the Halls feature:



The burlap triangles are by Canvas Corp and the loopy brads are so ancient I have no clue who made them.


Cut four 1”-1.5” circles from cardstock and edge them in white pen:


Cut four more circles from white cardstock.  Add a ruffled edge with ribbon, paper, or (my choice) printed tape:


Cut four 1.5” x 4” strips from patterned paper, notch the edges, and outline in white pen:


My favorite part of this banner are the stinkin’ adorable twine pom poms! Begin by wrapping twine around a fork.  I used twine from The Twinery and had to wrap it about 35 times.  My Mind’s Eye also makes some thicker, softer twine that works beautifully for these. 


Cut a smaller piece of twine and thread it between the center tines to tie it off:


Remove the bundle from the fork and pull as tight as you can, tying it off in a square knot.  Cut the loops:


Fluff the ends of the twine to fray them and round it out as much as possible.  Trim all the strands until you get it as pom pom like as you can:


Then layer each element one on top of the other, string the pennants with more twine and VOILA!  I hung mine amidst our lit fireplace bough but it would also be super cute right smack on the tree. 


See you next week when I figure out what to do about Decking the Halls AFTER Christmas… DOH!


Bibi Barberi said...

Love this! And your instructions are so easy to follow and clear. TFS.

Christina Colón said...

So stinkin' adorable! I love that burlap banner! And dare I say it? ::gulp:: POM POMS.....that I LIKE (giggle and a wink)! So adorable!!

LyndaKay said...

Feel better!! Love the instructions, especially the pom poms. Merriest of Christmases to you!!

sabrina said...

Jolie bannière !!