Well, this is a first

I am a Halloween person. 

You know the type.  We had fantastic, elaborate Halloween parties when I was a kid.  I trick or treated into high school.  I won costume contests and actually became a costume designer for theatre.  I pretty much live for this time of year with the beautiful New England weather, candy and baking, costume and party planning, and adorable munchkins dressed in their cutest and spookiest finery. 

So WHAT happened this year???

My decorations aren’t out.  We have NO plans.  We have NO COSTUMES!!!

::sigh:: Well, we were hoping to be on vacation for the last week of October but now that is looking more and more unlikely.  And so I am stuck with a pretty weak Halloween if you ask me!  Oh, sure, I am positive that there will be a few parties to make an appearance at… and I DO have two (don’t ask!) costumes for Owen squirreled away.  So it looks like we may be super lame and just dress him and look like boring old adults.  I am SO not a real adult!  (so maybe that counts as a costume after all??)

In any case… I was feeling bummed about being too busy to go all out for Halloween and decided to pause in my chaos for a moment to create this treat bag.  You know… for the party we don’t know about yet…


And hey, we might be getting down to the wire for costume making but you still have plenty of time to link up your Halloween projects at Paper Issues!  Get them in by the end of the month and don’t forget to look at all the amazing inspiration that’s been linked up already. 

P.S. – I am working on some more fun Halloween projects at this very moment… there’s hope for me yet!

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