The Halloween Lunch Bunch

This past spring our best friends moved just far enough away that it’s annoying to pack up the tots (they have a little girl five weeks younger than Owen) and visit more than once per weekend.  My best girlfriend went back to teaching and that, combined with the distance, means we see each other far less frequently than we would like. 

Today we had a little Halloween lunch with them.  Usually we spend the evening together and have a spooky meal while we greet the trick or treaters but this year Halloween is on a school night and we will be in our separate houses.  Boooo! (that’s a sad boo, not a scary one)

As is typical when we’re all together and there are two nearly two year olds running amok I never was able to get photos.  But here’s what I made and recommend if you need some last minute fun ideas for your Halloween festivities:

“Puking” Pumpkin Dip Plate – I used a green pepper instead of a pumpkin because it was what I had on hand.  Gross, and yet… strangely cute!

Photo credit: Halloween

Mummy Dogs – These are a crowd pleaser with kids and adults alike.  Nothing fancy here!  Just good old-fashioned processed crescent rolls and hot dogs!  The recipe is from Our Best Bites.

Photo credit:

Roasted Tomato Spider Web Soup and Pumpkin Shaped Grilled Cheeses – I made this roasted tomato soup recipe from Michael Chiarello and did the spider webs with a bit of sour cream.  No photo of the grilled cheese sandwiches but I simply made them and then used a pumpkin cookie cutter to cut the shapes.

Photo credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Sparkling Pomegranate Apple Ciders – Since the bestie is pregnant we went with an afternoon mocktail.  I don’t have a real recipe here… just pour one part apple cider then one part sparkling cider and then slowly pour pomegranate juice over the back of a spoon until you like the color.  The POM juice settles into the ciders and is really pretty AND delicious!

Halloween cupcakes all around for dessert, of course!

Have a happy and safe Halloween tomorrow, everyone!

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