Have you gotten a photo on canvas yet?

The other day I had the dishwasher repairman in my house and he saw my Nikon sitting out.  It turns out he was interested in photography and had a two year old granddaughter that was his primary target subject… so we had a couple of things in common! I got to see some of his photos in the typical wallet folio (there’s nothing like grandparent pride) and he asked to see some of Owen, who was napping at the time.  You know what I grabbed?  A photo canvas that was sitting on my mantel.  And you know what else?  He had no idea you could do that!!


Surely by now everyone knows how popular and fabulous canvas photo prints are, right?? Well, apparently not!

So I am here to tell you about how EASY and inexpensive this home photography display can be.  Check out the canvas I got from EasyCanvasPrints.com:


I love this photo of Owen.  It isn’t the best photo, technically, but how can you argue with that smile and that sunlight?  East Canvas Prints transformed my photo into this 11” x 14” canvas and all *I* had to do was upload the photo and click, click, click… done! 

Some of the reasons I prefer Easy Canvas Prints:
      - reasonable prices and shipping!
      - you can choose a custom size
      - and my favorite reason: there are several sizes and options for the “wrap”.  Most canvas printers make it so that you lose a pretty wide frame around your photo for the wrapping but Easy Canvas Prints has the option to “mirror” your print on the edges so you don’t lose anything!  You can also choose a color for the wrap.  Options! LOVE them!

So if you haven’t done one of these yet (or if you have and you just want some great options!) go check them out and create some super inexpensive wall art that you will love for years. 


LyndaKay said...

I confess. I've heard of canvas printing, but have never done it. Your link will make it easy. Thanks for the tip on edges. And happy kid photos make me smile...big time.

Sarah said...

The mirror option sounds awesome- I'll have to use them next time!

Jasmine Smith said...

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