Happy (late) Valentine’s Day!

We had a very busy Valentine’s Day here!  Pretty much ALL of my scrap assignments were due on the 15th and there has been one (or twelve) too many things on the plate, as they say.  Although it is late I wanted to wish you all out there in blog land a happy love day!

Valentine Collage

I made Owen’s robot shirt there from the template on The Boy Trifecta.  Nothing says “I love you” like a robot with a felt heart!  He pretty much looked ridiculously adorable in it.

I gave Ryan a few little gifties and this card and candy bar with a wrapper downloaded from Jeanne Winters.  It’s a “Udaman” chocolate bar… teehee! The card heart collage was also an internet printable that I dressed up. 


Tonight we went out for an AMAZING dinner at our favorite Tapas restaurant, Solea.  We “double dated” with our best friends and left the babies at their house in good hands.  Tapas, a LOT of sangria, champagne flights… then why not follow it up with a dessert sampler and wine at the best Italian place in town?  Don’t mind if I do!  It is so rare that we make it out sans little one… this was so worth the wait!

Ryan and Owen wrote me some super sweet cards and got me a perfectly purple orchid! 


I hope all you lovebirds had a wonderful day and evening! 

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LyndaKay said...

Dunce here took forever to figure out Udaman chocolate was not a brand I've missed out on! duh Fantastic card with Owen modeling his adorable & cool shirt! Thanks for sharing it, you busy gal!