And now for something completely different…


Not really.  I just wanted to see how many of you are Monty Python fans!  Smile

The past week has been a bit of a blur, I’ll admit.  We’ve had some “shake-ups” at home… nothing bad or particularly good, just different… more snow (and ice dams!), Owen’s molars causing major issues, and FOUR new gals joining the Creative Team at A Cherry on Top!

I am already having more fun than should be legal with Mandi, Carrie, Christina, and Rachel.  These ladies will rock your socks!  There’s already been plenty of shenanigans behind the scenes… just the way we like it. 

Amidst the general chaos of the week the teams at ACOT and Scrap That Baby generously gave us some reliable (but inspiring!) challenges.  Check out the February set at ACOT and the new Funny Faces prompt at Scrap That Baby!


Angela J. Prieto said...

I hope Owen's teeth come in fast and painless from now on. I remember teething with my kids, not fun.
And congrats to the new CT's, looking forward to working with you four!

carrie said...

I hope things are going better with the teeth and thanks for the shout out!

Mandi said...

Thanks, Jess! Hope Owen feels better soon!