Pearl and Ribbon Necklace Tutorial

Next up is a tutorial for a really simple but pretty pearl and ribbon necklace.  This necklace is so fast to make you’ll want to do one in every color of the rainbow.


- about a yard of 1/4” to 3/8” ribbon (I used May Arts 3/8” navy grosgrain)
- embroidery floss that coordinates with your ribbon
- inexpensive pearls of any color from the craft store
- a needle (make sure the eye is big enough for the floss but small enough to pass through your pearls)


- Tie a knot in your floss, leaving a five or six inch tail.  Measure about 10 inches down your length of ribbon and insert your needle in the center.  Add your first pearl:


- Wrap the ribbon halfway around the pearl and insert the needle again.  You’ll get a feel for the exact placement once you do a few. 


- Continue weaving the pearls and ribbon, making sure you don’t leave spaces.

- String pearls this way until the opposite end of the ribbon is about 10” long.  On your last pearl you will need to go back through the ribbon (make a new hole in the ribbon… don’t use the same one you just came out of) and thread the needle back through three pearls.  You can then trim your floss. 

- Remember that tail we left on the starting end of the floss?  Re-thread the tail and do the same as above, inserting it into the first three pearls and trimming. 


- You can then either tie the ends together for a longer necklace that you slip over your head OR you can attach a clasp for a shorter necklace.  That’s it!!  I told you it was easy!


I am a big fan of the nautical navy and white look on this one but you could make it to match anything.  I also think these would be the perfect activity for a crafty teen party.  Ribbon. Pearls.  A little thread…. BADABING!

Thanks for taking a look today!


Sarah said...

super cute! I'm pinning this one!

LyndaKay said...

A new take on preppy pearl necklaces. Great directions. Thanks.

Kudzu said...

Hi! I'm posting some things to make with pearls, I hope you don't mind, and I want to send people your way for the tutorial for this necklace I hope you don't mind!
Thank You!