You’ve Got Mail

I’ve been playing with Crate Paper’s Paper Heart line for Right at Home this month.  This is one Valentine collection I could use every. single. year.  I don’t do uber cutesy very well and a lot of love themed lines are pretty cutesy.  THIS line is perfect.  There is no mistaking that it’s a Valentine collection but it maintains classic images.

The mailbox came from the Target dollar spot and, honestly, I am lucky I even got to complete this project given my son’s mail obsession.  His hero is apparently the mailman and anything mail related is quickly stolen and played with.  Prying this mailbox out of his little hands did NOT make for a happy toddler!




I’m sort of lovin’ on the pop of bright green.  I like a good Valentine pink as much as the next girl but an unexpected color makes things a bit more interesting, in my opinion. 

I’m now taking bets on how long it takes Owen to reach this and completely destroy it…

I’m liking this valentine up to Paper Issues for the last few days of their love them and YOU should link some pretties up too! OR just go borrow some of the brilliant ideas already posted!


Chrissy said...

Uh...if you took that beauty away from me, I'd be all in a fuss and have a total meltdown too! You have my address btw. You know where to send it. ;) Looks FABULOUS and of course, now I want one to do my own dang self. Hmph.

Anonymous said...
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Cassie Box said...

I am obsessed with mailmen too...for a completely different reason. I <3 you. I should send you some mailman paraphernalia.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful! I saw this on the Paper Issues blog and had to drop by.

WillieburgScrapper said...

Oh my goodness! It's GORGEOUS! LOOOVE the colors! Is that a mini mailbox you can pick up at Target? I swear I miss out on all the fun- there is NEVER any of that stuff in the ricky dink stores here in NYC! LOVE what you did with that Crate line! They need to add you to their DT- no joke. :)