I Like You Dough Much!

Seriously… if you can’t get cheesy on Valentine’s Day when CAN you!?

My boy is two.  He is now old enough to have a little party at his morning daycare and trade valentines with his tiny peeps.  Cue me giggling wildly with glee!

I covered party favor Play-Doh cans with paper, put them in clear bags, and topped them with some hybrid bag toppers I whipped up in Photoshop. 

“I like you DOUGH much!”  I mean, really.  That is some cute stuff right there.



And while I am sure his teacher and her assistant will appreciate the sentiment I sort of thought they might be tired of Play-Doh so I hooked them up with something slightly more sophisticated… and tasty. 



Meanwhile… I received a delivery of roses today from Pierre! 

I love getting tokens of affection from my husband.  Except my husband’s name is RYAN!  ::snort::  I just can’t help but wonder who got MY card and flowers and what she is thinking.  LOL!

Only one more day to link up at Paper Issues for the love theme, so that’s what Im’a doin’!


Shellye said...

Your projects are adorable, Jess...just as to be expected! Happy Hearts Day!

Chrissy said...

Uh...you have my address. You know where to send all of that Ghirardelli goodness. Jus' sayin'.... Happy Valentines Day to you!