Stuff I Love Right Now

Despite running around like a chicken with my head cut off I have still found a little time to decompress and relax. Here are a few things I have been loving these days!

- for all the super duper adorable hand made baby swag! I could look at Baby Legs and knitted bear caps for hours.

- Our Best Bites for great, easy recipes and food inspiration. I love that I get new posts in my inbox and they are very down to earth. No Marthas on that food blog!

- The Bump... oh, wow. I mean, I know hormones rage during pregnancy but the sheer volume of cattiness on this message board is eye-popping. And very, very entertaining.

- Puzzle books. You know, like those ones you can buy at the airport or any place magazines are sold. I like to think that I am keeping my mind sharp but likely I just enjoy wasting time filling in letters and numbers.

- Our nursery! Ok, so we don't have carpet yet... or furniture... or wall art. Except a fantastic vinyl tree which looks perfect on our green walls. I am itching to get this room finished just so I can sit in it and adore it.

- The Graco Sweetpeace Soothing Center. Um, yes, our baby WILL have his own iPod to plug into this thing. It rocks. No, really... it rocks side to side AND back to front. It will save my sanity!

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