Bad, Bad Blogger!

I need to have my hand slapped. I have been horrible about blogging lately. It just seems like everything is going on at once (what with being 35 weeks pregnant and all...) and time is not my own! Since I last posted I have been to California for a wedding, had my baby shower, taken childbirth classes, and "handled" about a zillion setbacks in all of the house repairs/changes we have been trying to make before this baby arrives. It's been a little hard to catch my breath!

In the meantime... my favorite holiday, Halloween, came and went. We had some friends over for fun foods and handed out candy. I also had the chance to work with some awesome Basic Grey Eerie goodies courtesy of ACOT for my October reveal: check it out here.
I sent some fun goodies out for Halloween... who doesn't love candy in a can??

And we can't forget the monthly installment of challenges at A Cherry On Top!

And that leads me to the present. I thought it would be a *great* idea to revive my blog by taking Shimelle's "Blogging for Scrapbookers" class... RIGHT before having a baby. :-/ So hopefully I will be posting more frequently and with a tad more passion than I have in the past! Here's to a blogging adventure!

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