Cookies and Cream Cupcakes: Take Two

I have discovered something.
Something horrible and frightening.
I have discovered that I am under a Frosting Curse!

Last weekend I made the second batch of Cookies and Cream Cupcakes according to the plan I laid out in my last post. The cakes were chocolate and this time I dropped half an Oreo in the bottom of the liner. The problem there was just that the chocolate cake batter I used is a very light batter and some of the cookies floated up instead of staying on the bottom. It didn't affect the taste but I was annoyed by it. Next time: a heavier batter to hold down that cookie! Although, the cakes themselves were SO moist and yummy and passed all taste tests with flying colors!

The frosting... OHHHH the frosting! What is going on here?? I made a white buttercream recipe. It tasted weird. I was mad. Then I made a tried and true recipe that has never failed me. It failed me and tasted the same kind of weird as the first batch! I did some investigating and noticed that my husband accidentally bought salted butter instead of the unsalted butter that I always use for frosting. But the frosting batches didn't exactly taste like the problem was too much salt. So, even though the butter was new and smelled completely normal, I can only assume that the butter was BAD and I will not be using it again.

I ended up having to buy another can of the dreaded "frosting in a can" and doctoring it up with real vanilla and crushed oreos. I won't lie: it was really good! But I don't have it in me to abandon these cupcakes without them having the perfect homemade buttercream.

I'll get you next time, Frosting!!


Anonymous said...

Those look delicious!!

service said...

Wow, I have never even heard of/thought about oreo cupcakes, how yummy do those look!