Review of the Runner Up

The runner up in my ACOT cupcake poll was the Cookies and Cream Cupcake. I made a batch of these last Friday and was less than thrilled with the results.

To start the frosting recipe I used was a total BOMB! Yuck! And because I was in a hurry I ended up settling for store bought canned frosting, which frankly is just not my style! ;-)

The cake recipe was just sort of ehhh. It was a white cake based recipe and was quite dense. I felt they could have been a little lighter and more moist but they certainly were good enough for my friends to gobble down. I don't think I will make them again, however.

My new plan is to make the cupcake more like a Oreo overall by using a *chocolate* cake recipe with Oreos in it and making a vanilla Oreo buttercream frosting to be the "cream". I am almost certain this will be WAY more delicious!

So much for my plan to branch out from chocolate cakes!!

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