A Gifty Kind of Weekend

If you follow astrology in any way you can sympathize with me when I tell you that growing up I was the lone Aquarius living with FOUR (help me!) Aries.  And aside from dealing with a lot of “passionate” personalities I also had to deal with my mom, dad, sister, and brother all having birthdays within two weeks of each other! 

This past week was my parents’ birthdays and they got the ever popular “photo of the grandchild” gift.  If you haven’t made a photo into a canvas yet I highly suggest doing it! I used CanvasPeople.com for mine because they’ve been running a crazy awesome deal on and off for months where you can get $50 off any size which makes the 8” x 10” only cost you shipping charges.  Score

They got this photo of out little monster:

cropped 8x10

I also whipped up these sweet burp cloths from cloth diapers for a friend about to have her first baby within the next few weeks.  I love making stuff for babies!

Burp cloths

I’m hoping to actually do some scrapping tonight after Mister O is in bed.  I feel so behind and the mojo is going to ‘splode outta me if I don’t work with it!! Smile


Mandi said...

Awesome gifts, Jess!

ashjoy said...

Love the burp cloths and your little one is so cute!
I'm Aquarius as well. And everyone else has summer birthdays in my family. I never got to have the fun outside parties.