You Need This

No, really, you do.

Do you ever use ink, chalks, or mists in your scrapbooking or crafting projects? I thought so.

So do I. And for the longest time I wanted one of those neato mats that protect your work surface from the inevitable mess that goes along with playing with paints and inks. Several companies make them (and a certain someone whose name rhymes with "Jim Boltz" talks about his all the time...) but they're expensive and there always seemed to be something else I was willing to spend my scrappy dollars on instead.

Which is why you have to run out and buy an oven mat! They are meant to go in the bottom of your oven to protect it from spills but they are the exact same slippery, thin, wipe-able material that the craft mats are made out of, but a fraction of the price!

I got mine at Christmas Tree Shops for only $5. I know you can also find them wherever kitchen and baking supplies are sold. Mine rolls up for easy storage and wipes clean with soap and water. I LOVE IT!!!


amberella said...

That's a BRILLIANT idea! I'm going to have to keep an eye out for one! :)

MimaScraps said...

Wow! I never thought of that--another reason to follow your blog! Glad your cruise was fun; pictures are gorgeous! Hope sweet baby boy isn't in too much pain with molars...