As if we needed another blanket

For whatever reason I decided I needed to procrastinate and make Owen *another* blanket. Can you see me rolling my eyes at myself?

This is a super simple no-sew, tied fleece blanket but I added the green monster applique made from a pattern out of Simply Handmade. Owen loves that little monster! When he sees it he grabs the blanket and squishes it all up in his face and squeals. If that isn't a mom's reward for her hard work I don't know what is!

No Sew Fleece Blanket
- cut two pieces of fleece to the same size, making sure you have neat edges. (I don't bother to measure. This makes a lap blanket for adults and is plenty big for a kiddo. Keep in mind that four inches on *each side* will get sucked up for fringe.)
- Sew your applique on one side if you are adding one. Remember to place it far enough up so that it doesn't interfere with the fringe.
- Lay the pieces one on top of the other. Cut every inch along the edge of the material, going up approximately four inches.
- You'll go along all four edges doing this. Cut both layers at the same time to ensure that your fringe lines up when you tie it. You'll notice you will need to cut 4" x 4" squares out of the four corners.
- When you are done cutting begin to tie each set of fringe, one lower piece and one upper piece. I find I get the most uniform look by sticking to "left over right, then right over left" when I tie. No need to tie super tight! You'll want it secure but not so tight that you stretch out the material.
- Done! It takes a little while to do all the cutting and tying but it is something you can do sort of mindlessly while you're watching TV. These make great gifts for kids and I love to make them for adults with their favorite teams' licensed fleece!


Em said...

Too cute!!!

LyndaKay said...

I love the suggestion about making a team fleece for adults. Really cute! My 87 yr old dad is getting one for Christmas!! Great directions.