Altered Halloween Frame

Every once in a while a project just flows together like buttah and this altered frame was IT for me! I love, love, love all things Halloween and have more decorations for the month of October than I do for the month of December... that should tell you something! I was inspired by The Crafting Chicks to create something with this old scrunched up book page technique. Here is what I came up with:And I think it's adorable! I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

I needed to cut about eleventy billion three inch circles from the pages of an old book. Normally I would consider cutting up books to be some kind of crime, but considering the book was under a dollar at Sal's Boutique (The Salvation Army) I made an exception and we'll call this "a second life" for the book.

It turns out cutting old book pages is a pain in the booty. My Slice machine didn't so much slice as shred and the Cricut didn't do much better. Ditto for my Martha Stewart circle cutter. Finally I just folded one into a 1/4 circle, folded pieces of paper, and cut the template onto those pieces. It was a bit of an annoyance but it was actually faster than I imagined it would be.

Then I crinkled them and grabbed my trusty hot glue gun to stick those puppies allllllll over the frame, which I had stripped of its glass and painted black.

$2.99 recycled frame + $.99 old book + supplies from my stash = AWESOME


Megan A. said...

OMFG, I love this!

anazelia said...

awesome, just awesome.

LyndaKay said...

Love the little number 31 and all the black. Isn't there something spooky about a bird on a Halloween project? It's great.

amberella said...

LOVE IT! I am so going to try this when I have a chance :)