Breaking all the Project Life Rules

My latest assignment for Fancy Pants Designs was not only a two –pager (which I struggle with) but a Project Life spread.  Now, I fully appreciate the gorgeous things I see coming out of Project Life.  But it’s just not for me and I had never even attempted it.  It’s tough for a gal who loves layers!

So what was I to do?  I pretty much just found a way to break the “rules” and make it my own.

Blueberry Pickin_Jess Mutty_Fancy Pants Designs

Blueberry Pickin left_Jess Mutty_Fancy Pants Designs

Blueberry Pickin right_Jess Mutty_Fancy Pants Designs

I didn’t even use divided page protectors on this ::gasp::!

You can read all about how I adapted Project Life to fit my scrapping style and see the details of my page at the Fancy Pants Designs blog!


Laura Turcotte said...

ok--YOU totally rock!!I, too, appreciate all the goodness of PL---BUT! It isn't for me. I like spaces, and embellies, and so forth! Thanks you for making me feel 'normal' among PLers...! this is great!

Victoria Freze said...

awesome breaking rules :) I absolutely adore this!

ScrapGoo said...

Thanks, ladies!! I just can't "get there" with PL but this I can handle! :-)