Don’t Forget the Dads!

I know, Moms… it’s easy to forget that any other holiday exists beyond Mothers Day, right?? HA!

But I know some pretty FAB dads, my husband and my own father being at the top of that list.  And Fathers Day is June 17th… not that far away!

I used to get all creative with my dad’s gift each year until he confessed he LOVES getting a boring old gift card to the big box home improvement store.  Of course I can’t just put the dang thing in a card and send it.  Borrrring!  So each year I try to come up with fun packaging to make the gift just a bit more personal.  Last year you might remember this tool belt card.  That was a fun one to make. 

This year I used Fancy Pants’ Wave Searcher collection and my Silhouette to craft this adorable car box, card and envelope set:


You know, because my dad loves to surf.  Ok, I lie.  But he DOES love the water and cars so that has to count for something! 


The car box is just too cool.  I love my Silhouette to bits! There is just enough room in there to add the gift card.  My dad is going to think this is pretty stinkin’ cool.  And that’s all a crafty gal can ask for, really!


Leah Crowe said...

this is so cute!!! Love the PP you chose for this set!!

Sarah said...

The car box is cracking me up! I have to go buy it now! TFS!