File This Under AWESOME

Last week my memory file project went up on the Heidi Swapp blog and I have to admit it was one of my favorite projects to do.  I giggled the entire way through it. 

The memory file products are so different than anything out there in the scrap world.  They are interactive and make you really think outside the box.  So when I got them I wondered what I could make that would take the original idea of filing and turn it into something a bit more fun and unexpected. 

Two year olds pretty much take the cake on fun and unexpected! Owen got his very own case file… a detective’s dossier on all his naughtiness.







He has a route tracker map, a faux passport, a rap sheet, and I even fingerprinted him.  ::snicker:: I had SO much fun doing this project and I am sure it will make for excellent first girlfriend viewing.  Yeah, I’m evil like that!!


Shonie said...

This is an awesome page. I love finding really unique pages. This one definetly qualifies! Every little boy should have their own case file ;)

Tresa said...

This is amazingly clever!!!

Anonymous said...

I wondered too how it would work; and, of course, you so made it perfect! Me thinks, I'll be going back & looking at this over and over.

LyndaKay said...

"Subject is constantly on the move" really cracked me up. I can see doing one of these every year. So cute.