Return of the Cupcake

We finally got our first good snow here in Massachusetts and it made me get the funny, warm, I-need-to-bake-something feeling! So I whipped up a batch of Gingerbread Cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting. Mmmmm!

I have been on a quest for the perfect gingerbread recipe. I am partial to the old fashioned moist, dark gingerbread from the Dancing Deer company, who claims their recipe is from the owner's great grandma from Maine. I just can't seem to find any conventional recipe that gets it dark and spicy enough! The recipe I used for these cupcakes was no exception. They were good but not what I am looking for so I will go back to my old standard.

The frosting was however. I simply made a batch of cream cheese frosting and used lemon juice in place of vanilla extract... plus a heck of a lot of lemon zest. I could eat it by the spoonful! I have some left over and I am thinking of frosting sugar cookies with it... YUM!

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