Move Over Cupcakes!

There's a new baked good in town!

Ryan and I took the little guy for his first apple picking expedition last weekend and came home with a ginormous bag of apples. We've been picking them off one by one but really, let's be honest here... half the point of going apple picking is getting to bake sumptuous Autumn desserts!

And you know these will be some mighty fine desserts if the ingredients were plucked with sweet little hands:

Tonight I put together some Pie in a Jar. Pies in a Jar? Hmmm. Pies in Jars??

Well, anyway, you get the idea. *I* got the idea from the fabulous ladies over at Our Best Bites and nearly wet my pants because of the sheer cuteness factor. I didn't have the patience to "scrap" these up with paper and adorable pinked fabric skirts but you can bet a box of Martha Stewarts that it will be happening with the next batch!

Go ahead. I DARE you to tell me you don't want to dig into one of these *right now*. They were oh so delectable! However, next time I will use my own crust recipe. And a bit more sugar, although that will depend on your apples.

Don't worry cupcakes. There is plenty of room on the bench for both of you. :-)


Anonymous said...

i sooooo need that recipe for Evan!!

valbelieves said...

Love it --- the blog and the idea. Of course where pie is concerned, the PIE's the limit baby! Only one it might not work with is chocolate cream oh, and Key Lime -- which I loathe anyway. Nice work, Jess. As usual, you sense of humor is so lovable!

4theloveofmyfamily said...

I made these for Christmas gifts last year. They are so yummy (of course I had to taste test them!!) I suggest you try the oatmeal and brown sugar's very tasty :)

ScrapGoo said...

4thelove of my family, I am definitely doing the crumb topping next! You can never go wrong with brown sugar, I say!