Mailbox stalking!

I've been following the tracking number of a certain package for a few days now. Tracking numbers are my dirty little secret. I stalk my coveted mail like a kid waiting for Santa. Just one more peek... one more refresh of the screen to see if it is one step closer.

And when this package got here I ripped into it faster than you can say "Pink Paislee warehouse sale". ;-) With a warehouse sale you never quite know what to expect. It is a bit of a gamble to order a box of goodies without knowing exactly what you'll be getting. But Pink Paislee is my absolute favorite manufacturer and they have not created a single thing that I don't like so I figured this was about as safe a gamble as I could come by.

I was NOT disappointed to discover ALL of this!

And I had already taken three sheets of paper out to use when I took this photo! So let's see... that's: 20 sheets of patterned paper, two canvas albums, 7 sheets of alpha stickers, 3 sets of chipboard alphas, 3 6x6 paper pads, 2 tubes of glitter, 2 artisan tapes, 2 packs of artisan letters, 3 flip notes, a pack of brads, a sheet of cork buttons, a pack of stamps, a pack of rub-ons, and a set of canvas tags.

You clearly need your own box of goodies and the price is amazing for all of this! I think there are still a couple of days left to order. Check it out!!


Sarah said...


i stalk packages too. The first thing I do when I get up is open the door and check for boxes.

what a haul you got!! i love PP

Sarah said...

What a steal! Love those alphas & the big brads are awesome! I'm a tracking number refresher, too! I even think I've memorized UPS routes from certain stores to my house.

Gine said...

Looks like a awesome package, have to check out your link
Enjoy, cant wait to see what you create


ashjoy said...

I did the box last year, but passed this year. But it is a good warehouse sale!

PinkPug,INK. said...

i just got mine! thanks for posting about it on your blog or i would've missed out! :)