After college my friends and I started an annual Thanksgiving tradition we like to call Friendsgiving. So many of us still trekked to our parent's homes for the Thanksgiving feast but we wanted a chance to celebrate together as friends as well. So Friendsgiving was born and I have hosted anywhere from eight to twenty three guests for turkey and all the fixings almost every year since we began the tradition.

This year there were only eight of us (sadly, we seem to move further apart from each other every year) but it was a lovely day. My brined turkey was *awesome* and we stuffed ourselves more than we should have. Throw in a little Wii playing and it's a party!

My only issue was the "Frankentable". It has come to my attention that we need to buy more sizes of extra tables. We only had "too small" and "too big" and so the resulting table was this odd mix of junk tables from the garage. Also, note to self: buy a tablecloth that fits the Frankentable because all I have are cloths to fit the table in its normal state. So yeah... nontradtional colors and a little mixing and matching gave us this:

And here is a shot some of the food before it was devoured:

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Angela J. Prieto said...

What a great idea to have for your friends!