It’s a Man’s World

Uhh… no.  Winking smile

But it is a DAD’S weekend!  And that mean’s Father’s Day cards, right!?  Well I had to send one in the mail to my dad (and Owen’s grandpa) so it had to be done a little earlier.  My dad is a true guy’s guy in the sense that he loves machines, tractors, and building stuff.  And he is very good at it!  He has fully confessed that he loves getting gift cards to home improvement stores where he can act like a kid in a candy shop.  So what better for him than a tool belt gift card holder? 

Tool Belt Card 1

I sort of just winged it on the tool belt part.  I made the center pocket larger so it would hold the gift card.  The wrench and hammer were cut on my Cricut with free .svg files I googled and altered in Sure Cuts a Lot. 

Tool Belt Card 2

Here is a closer look at the tools.  I love the tape measure because it really opens!  I used measuring tape printed twill ribbon on cardstock and fastened the lengths with brads so they were jointed. 

This card was not in my usual style but I had a lot of fun making it!  How are you celebrating all the dads or important guys in your life this weekend?  Are your cards done yet??


Jo.C said...

This is a brilliant card - I love the way you have done it.
Have a great weekend :0)

mojodawn said...

You are so damn creative Jess! Killer card :)
And your blog looks amazing!

Sarah said...

This is SO awesome, Jess! I love the opening tape measure! This year I made Quinn fill-in-the blank books to make instead of cards. It's so cute to see her 4 year old handwriting filling in her thoughts on Dad & Papa!

E said...

Just saw this on pinterest, love it! Can't wait to try it :)

jeannine said...

I too just saw this on pinterest, ill have to create an account so I can pin it! Adorable way to give a gift card, great job!!

Unknown said...

The tool belt is wonderful! I could do some interesting things by my own hands!Thank you for sharing this DIY project.

Mr Fix It said...